Friday, November 28, 2008

It's easy to become discouraged when learning something new.
Sometimes it helps to have someone close by who will encourage us and help us snap back to reality when we want to quit.
Everyone fails at some point in their life-but when we do, we have to assess what went wrong, correct it as best as possible, and continue in our pursuit of our goal.
The battle is yours.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Study Tips

People learn differently. Here are tips written by other learners!

They apply to Visual(Learn best with pictures), Auditory (Learn best by listening) and Kinesthetic(Learn best by doing) learners.

Try to relax and think on what you are doing.

It's best to study whenever you have just awakened.

It's best to study in a quiet and comfortable place.

Get a nap before you start studying so that you won't feel sleepy.

Don't listen to music while studying.

Read questions carefully about two times to get the full understanding.

Try to formulate a pattern on how the problem can be set out and try to work it out. If you don't get it try again.

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Kinesthetic Learners

Ensure when learning something new that
  1. you have a description of what you are learning
  2. you write down what you learn
  3. for clarification, you tell someone what you learn (this way the information will stick) .

After a period of exercise. Take a break, do some physical exercise then start studying again.

Auditory Learners

Have drinks and food on hand.

Study in a library or quiet room and try to keep as focused as possible towards your goal.

Visual Learners

When studying it is better to use graphs and pictures.

Creating mental images and reasoning out possible answers is easier in a quiet place.

Tips written by

Akeem Kerr

Latoya Moore

Shantana Stewart

Keniel Mitchell

Facilitator: Sharifa McFarlane

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Study Tips Corresponding to the Learning Style of the Learner

Learning Styles refer to how a person learns and processes information. Each person does this in their own way.
The following tips were written to assist you in getting the most out of your learning experience.

Auditory Learner( Learn best through listening)

Envision your words as you read or listen

When you are trying to remember something, place that memory with a happy thought of something else. This way when you want tpopp recollect that thought, all you have to do is remember your happy moment.

Tactile/Kinesthetic Learner(Learn best through touch/by doing)

Use a highlighter to mark important passages while reading.

Visual(Learn best with pictures)

Take short breaks at regular intervals while studying.

Study the subject you least enjoy first.

Tips written by:

Melissa Barnett

Kayonna Brown

Davion Walker

Facilitator: Sharifa McFarlane

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Practice questions in percentage(Basic Applications)

The questions below are based on Percentages.

They were created by students specializing in Customer Service at the Garmex Heart Academy as a part of their Calculations coursework.

A basket with 120 eggs is to be delivered to the shop. Upon delivery 30 eggs were found to be broken. What percentage of eggs was broken?

Shelly bought 120 eggs in a tray. She then gave away 30 to a friend. What percentage of the eggs was left in the tray?

A racecourse is 40 miles long. A driver was only able to cover 15% of the course. How many miles did he drive?

Some children are on a bus. 20% of the children are under the age of 12. How many children are on the bus if 5 are under 12 years old?

Some students were playing at school. 20% of them were student councillors. If 5 were student councillors, how many were regular students?

A marathon is a 26 mile run. On a particular course, 15% of the way is rocky. What length of the marathon is rocky?

Some children are in a class room. 90% of the children are boys. how many children are in the class if 5 of them are girls?

20% of the students in a school yard are fighting. If 5 students join them and increase the number to 30%, how many students are fighting now?

If I drive 40 miles in half an hour, how many miles would I cover in 15% ofthe time?

A walk-a-thon was 40 miles long but a special prize was given to those who could complete an additional lap which was 15% of the additional length. What is the additional length?

Questions submitted by

Andrea Smellie-Cockburn

Lesley-Ann Roberts

Cameca Chin

Roselyn Findleyson

Janet Mortley

Admira Lumsden-Spence

Jeffery Allen

Shelly-Ann Ricketts

Damarlie Smith

Shanique Richards

Facilitator: Sharifa McFarlane

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